The above photo is a papillon bitch puppy (Guilcroft Classic Copyright) from our latest litter. 

We have now come back to the beginning of th alphabet and have decided to continue with the alphabet theme.

  • C Litter - Papillons - 1 boy and 3 girls, born 26th December 08.  All puppies are spoken for at this time.  Lachlan and Jaime will stay with us.  They are named with a 'Classic' theme.   Lachlan has had a very successful show career to date and he recently won Baby in Show at the Papillon (Dog) show of NSW.
  • B Litter - Border Terriers - 1 girls and 4 boys,  born 17th Dec 08.  We are keeping a brother sister pair once again.  Katarina and Boh, watch here for updates - all other boys have been sold.  These puppies have a 'title theme'  Katarina and Boh both seem to like the show ring.
  • A litter - Papillon's named with an AGE theme.   This litter had 3 girls and 1 boy.  Guilcroft Age of Innocence has gone to live in her forever home in the Central West.  Guilcroft Age of Reason is being campaigned nearby.

This is Part One of the story - Our story A to Z - wth some lovely photos!!

When we had our first Border Terrier litter we decided to name the puppies each with a name starting with A.   

Each following litter was then to increment to the next letter of the alphabet.  
Our story begins with A and now is up to Z.  The alphabet is now complete. 
If you want the full story go to the bottom of this page and work up but if you want the current information first start with the litter appearing below.  We will update as we have more puppies.

Our Z litter is a border terrier litter - only 1 boy called Zipp.   Zipp has now gone to Keiran and Katerina in Sydney to his forever home

Our Y litter is a papillon litter - 2 boys and 2 Girls - we still have Yves a sable and white boy, who won BabyPuppy in Show at the 2008 Papillon (Dog) Club of NSW show.  Gucci is going to a show home (our sable and white girl).  The rest of the litter are going to wonderful pet homes.

Our X litter is a papillon litter - 2 boys and 2 Girls - we will keep Xanadu a black and white girl.   Xanadu is a multi group and class in show winner.   Xavier is now in New Zealand in a show home.  Ace is in QLD and Biggles is living close by in Yass with Cricket.

This is Cricket, Bullet and Webster at 1 day old.

Our W litter  Have now hit the ring - more news later - the litter comprises of 2 boys and 1 girl born 27-12-06 Sire: Grand Champion Betisechien Coolamon & Dam: Ch Quinvale Maybelene.  Cricket has gone to live with Pamela's Dad in Yass, his first dog for about 20 years.  Bullet lives with Giselle and is being shown and Webster has gone on a big journey to Sinapore and won BOB on his first weeknd of showing.

Our V Litter  comprised of 4 boys and 1 girl, born on the 16th November 2006. 
Sire: Ch Guilcroft Play To Win & Dam: Ch Guilcroft Moet Chandon. 
Vanessa won Baby in Show at Border Terrier Sanction show and R Jay won 1st in 3-6 Sweepstakes.  Both ARE NOW CHAMPIONS. 
R Jay has sired 2 litters and is on his way to being a Grnd Champion.
Guilcroft Vegemite Toast (Vanessa) and Guilcroft Vendor Finance (R Jay) are still with us and R Jay will continue to be campaigned in 2009.  The other 3 boys went to wonderful homes in mid January 2007

Our U Litter was born soon after XMAS 2005 and was a PAPILLON litter.  This is Emeline the puppy we campaigned from this litter.   She will be mated in 2009. The first papillon litter at Guilcroft for 12 years. Sire:Ch Betisechien Hot Shot X Dam:Ch Tibillon Madam Butterfly produced one bitch puppy, she is called Guilcroft Ultra Sonic (Emeline) and is still with us and starting her show campaign in May 2006.   The following photo is of Emeline's Dam (left) Yasmin and her Grandfather : Gr Ch Betisechien Cool A Mon.

Our T Litter was born 19th December 2005, just after our S litter (see below) and we were still grieving when Chandi went into labour.  She had a rough start to her labour but gave us 3 live puppies - 1 boy and 2 girls.  Chandi helped raise Quecha's puppies as well as her own.  What a wonderful mother she is.    Sire:Ch Guilcroft Dom perignon X Dam:Ch Guilcroft Moet Chandon.  Chandi's puppies are living in the ACT and NSW and are giving their new owners lots of pleasure.

Our S Litter was a mixture of pleasure and pain as Quecha passed over the rainbow Bridge after giving birth to 6 live puppies by caeserean on 13th December 2003.-3 boys & 3 girls. Sire:Ch Guilcroft Play To Win X Dam:Guilcroft Quechabydesign.  After the awful start to their life these puppies flourished with the help of Ch Guilcroft Moet Chandon, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Muffin and an Elkhound named Dolly.

 GThis is Lilith being stacked by Garth at 7 months old, now living in a forever home n Sydney!!u  Lililt Saskatoon Lily has stayed with us and won BABY PUPPY in SHOW at her first breed show in May 2006.

 Our R Litter  consisted of 4 boys.
Sire: Ch Guilcroft Play To Win X Dam: Ch Guilcroft Moet Chandon. Oak (NZ CH Guilcroft Royal Ochre) went to live with Sonja Firby (Patterdale Border Terriers) in New Zealand and is doing extremely well for Sonja, is now a NZ Champion and was Top Border Terrier in New Zealand in 2006, even winning Dog CC at the National show in that year.




































Photo - Oak after winning BOB and Puppy of Group!! 



This is Alberta and Blade

  Our N litter had only 2 puppies-1 boy & 1 girl. Sire:Ch Rhozzum Macbeth (IMP UK) X Dam:Ch Craigend Cottesmore.Both puppies from this litter were shown. Guilcroft New Edition (EDEN) stayed with us but did not enjoy the show ring so later on went to a lovely pet home in Victoria.  Guilcroft No Doubt was shown by Leanne Bullard of Sydney until Leanne went into semi retirement from the show ring and later Hawk went to a pet home as Leanne decided to take a rest from showing completely. 













  The F litter had 4 puppies-2 boys/2 girls. Sire:Ch Craigend Cheviot Major X Dam:Ch Cueire Thistle.  We showed Ch Guilcroft Fleur Delys. We called her Natasha and she had puppies later on when we mated her to Justin, the J litter and then later to Hamish, the L litter.  After her maternal dutioes were completed Natasha went to live with Boris in Sydney.  Boris was another Border Terrier.

The E litter had 3 puppies-2 boys/1 girl.Sire: Ch Guilcroft Dom Perignon X Dam: Ch Guilcroft Bracken Lea.  We kept Ch Guilcroft Emerald Queen aka as Eliza.  She never had a litter but was shown until she was a champion then to Sydney to live in a wonderful pet home until she crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2005. 

D litter consisted of 4 puppies-2 boys/2 girls. Sire:Ch Rhozzum Argos (imp UK) X Dam:Ch Stormvale Kiwi Girl.  We kept Ch Guilcroft Dom Perignon (Justin) who sired many successful litters and many Champions. His latest litter was born in 2006.  Justin lives with us, retired from the show ring except for the occassional veteran class.    The little one at the back is 13 year old Kelly from our Papillon litter in 1993

The next litter was a papillon litter but we decided to continue the alphabet pattern. We had 5 puppies. We kept Ch Guilcroft Calico Candy aka as Kelly (see photo above) and she is still with us today and is a Champion and rules the roost with a very strong paw. 

The B litter was 5 puppies-3 boys/2 girls. Sire: Ch Craigend Cheviot Major X Dam:Ch Stormvale Kiwi Girl.  We kept Ch Guilcroft Bracken Lea aka as Robyn who had 2 litters (the E and I Litters).  Two Champions from this litter! Robyn passed over the Rainbow bridge in 2003. 
We lost her mother Meghan (Kiwi Girl) in 2006 at the grand age of 15 and 1/2.

Our A litter of 4 puppies-2 boys/2 girls.
Sire:Ch Craigend Cheviot Piper X Dam:Ch Craigend Cabernet.
We kept Ch Guilcroft Angelsea Gold aka as Angel but alas she did not have puppies. Angel went to a pet home and died in 2004.  There were 2 Champions from this litter - a good start for Guilcroft Borders.  If you have read to here you will know how successful we have been with our breeding program.  We thank the many people who have supported us on the way.


This is Eden with her papillon friends before she went to live in Victoria.


The G litter of 5 puppies-1 boy/4 girls.Sire:Ch Guilcroft Dom Perignon X Dam:Ch Cueire Thistle.
The most successful from this litter was Ch Guilcroft Golden Garter who went to Perth and had success in agility and jumping for Tom Weir.

  Our M litter had 5 puppies-3 boys/2 girls and was the first litter sired by our UK import Maxx. Sire:Ch Rhozzum Macbeth (IMP UK) X Dam:Ch Cueire Thistle. The most successful from this litter was Ch Guilcroft Moet Chandon who we still have living with us today. Chandi is very successful in the show ring and wonderful mother of Oak (NZ Ch Guilcroft Red Ochre ) our NZ export owned by Sonja Firby in New Zealand.













This is a photo of Chandi in Garth's arms when she was a puppy!!.

Our L litter -6 puppies-5 boys/1 girl. Sire: Ch Guilcroft Hamish Macbeth X Dam: Ch Guilcroft Fleur Delys.
Guilcroft Laras Theme went to Perth after a short show career with us at GUILCROFT.

Our K litter consisted of 4 puppies-3 boys/1 girl. Sire:Ch Guilcroft Dom Perignon X Dam:Ch Cueire Thistle. Guilcroft Kris Tiffany went to a show home in Sydney but her new owner was unable to show he due to work commitments so she became a lovely pet. 

J litter - 6 puppies-5 boys/1 girl. Sire:Ch Guilcroft Dom perignon X DamCh Guilcroft Fleur Delys Jerry went to Dr Penny Mead in Sydney where she has been shown successfully, has qualified in earth dog events, Endurance trials, Agility and Jumping and now obedience. Her registered name is Ch Guilcroft Jerry Piper.

This is Jerry and Penny after an Earth dog trial













The I litter of 1 boy puppy  sired by Ch Guilcroft Dom Perignon X Ch Guilcroft Bracken Lea.  His name was Ch Guilcroft Ian MacTavish who later went to live in Brisbane near the beach.  This is Ashley

 Our H litter consisted of 3 puppies-1 boys/2 girls. 
Sire:Ch Craigend Dom Perignon X Dam:Ch Craigend Cottesmore. 
Ch Guilcroft Hamish Macbeth aka as Hamish stayed with us and was a successful showdog until his retirement. He still lives with us savouring our lovely rural environment surrounded by his many friends. 
The other border terriers, the papillons and the basenji are all Hamish's friends.

  The Q Litter had only 1 girl puppy - Sire:Ch Rhozzum Macbeth (IMP UK) X Dam:Guilcroft New Edition.  Guilcroft Quechabydesign stayed with us for over 2 years.  She died after a caeserean section.  She left us with a wonderful legacy - a litter of 6 puppies - all survived with the help of many, both human and canine.  











  The O litter had 2 puppies-1 boy/1 girl. Sire:Ch Rhozzum Macbeth (IMP UK) X Dam: Craigend Hunting Pink. Blade was the most successful from this litter he is called Ch Guilcroft On The Edge. We also showed his litter sister until she went to live in a pet home with her new owners her name is Guilcroft Oh Canada (Alberta).


Our P litter had 4 puppies-3 boys/1 girl. Sire: Ch/Fin/NZ Ch Foxforest One For The Road (IMP FNL)     X Dam:Ch Craigend Cottesmore. We kept a litter brother and sister from this litter.Ch Guilcroft Polli Yanna and Ch Guilcroft Play To Win . Both are very successful in the show ring. Ch Guilcroft Pure Guinness went to Julia Barnett in Sydney was successfully campaigned in conformation, agility, jumping and endurance work.  Fletcher (Play To Win)(Left) GUILCROFT Play To Win at 6 weeks. 











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