About Us

Above is a photo of Pamela and Garth with Mickey Mouse having a great time relaxing on holiday.
Below is a selection of dogs at Guilcroft relaxing on the lounge!!
Pamela and Garth are a partnership, together they make GUILCROFT!
Though they started in dogs at different times they
now have combined to make a very competitive team.
Keen supporters of Border Terriers and Papillons.
Pamela is licensed to judge the Terrier Group  and is a specialist judge of Border Terriers and Cairn Terriers
Pamela has judged locally, interstate and overseas.
Both Pamela and Garth 
show the dogs, steward at shows  are active in several clubs including the
Border Terrier Club of NSW, of which Garth is the Secretary and both he and Pamela are life members.  Pamela is also the trophy steward and the Vice President,
Both Pamela and Garth are committee members of the Cairn Terrier Club of NSW, Pamela is now the Vice President.

only breed a limited number of litters per year
they take pride in what they have achieved so far.


Contact Details

Pamela and Garth Harding
Near Temora, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0408206662
Email : [email protected]